Introduction to DeBio

The Anonymous-First Appchain for Medical and Bioinformatics Data

Our Vision

Allow users to sample and test anonymously, without leaving home.

Allow users to monetize their genetic and biomedical data.

Empower labs of all sizes to collaborate on analyzing genetic and medical data, and offering joint biomedical products.

Our Concept

Physical to Digital Bridge

DeBio users can access our genetic testing marketplace by choosing a wide range of services from recommended laboratories.

Before making an order, all users are required to generate an account first and bind their wallets. A smart contract will lock the number of tokens required to pay. Afterward, the user will get a code that represents their public key. Users sample themselves, put on an envelope with the lab address and code then send it anonymously without a return address.

Once the Lab is finished, they will upload the results (in the form of VCF data and report) and the user shall receive it anonymously (encrypted by Lab with the user’s public key).

The user's data is completely sovereign, with no paired KYC or identity.

Sovereign Lab Collaboration

The lab will receive a notification when there is an order for biomedical testing services. Once an anonymous sample from the selected biomedical test service arrives, the lab may key in the envelope code and get the Customer’s public key.

Lab then executes lab work; quality control, analysis on the physical samples, and/or any requested biomarker tests. However, please note there might be a possibility that their sample is rejected because of various reasons (e.g. samples are contaminated). Once results are produced, Lab can upload to DeBio to be encrypted with the Customer’s public key and uploaded into distributed storage.

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