Token Distribution

The token distribution will be divided into 5 parties: The community, app chain validators, the DAO, the investors, the DeBio Network team, and the NFT launchpad. Each owning a lesser percentage than the last. Both community and app chain validators will receive a total of 50% of the pie, while the team behind the project will only receive 12.5%.
There are 4 rounds for investments in the DeBio project with a total sum of 17.5%. As of today, the DeBio Network team has finished two investment rounds giving away 7.5% of the stake to both angel and seed investors. The lowest stakeholder of the entire project would be the NFT Launchpad holding around 2.5% of the total supply.

Mainnet Coin (stable coin, etc)

The Mainnet coin will be backed by a stable coin. We decided to use a stable coin because the Mainnet coin is intended to be used for transactional purposes, or fees for work being done by the corresponding labs. We are intending to use USDT, USDC, and USDT.e as our stable coin. Governance Token ($GBIO) Governance tokens are intentionally made for the labs. Because The DeBio Network is essentially a decentralized organization, the labs would need a token to be used for voting in the DAOGenics marketplace. The Governance Token can also serve as a method for lab onboarding.

The Data Tokens (Genomics, Biomedical, and Electronic Medical Records)

These tokens are used as a method of transaction in the data marketplace. The DeBio Network team intends to research Ocean Protocol as an alternative for this token.

Validator & Transaction Rewards ($DBIO)

The Validator Token is used to incentivize the node owners to validate transactions and protect the dApp from unauthorized users. The intended incentives provided for validators are LP rewards and Governance tokens.