Request Genetic Analysis

Request Genetic Analysis feature allows Customers to request genetic analysis to a verified Genetic Analyst (GA) on the DeBio based on uploaded genetic data.

The first thing is that the Customers need to upload their genetic file, fill in the title and description of their data.

Once genetic data is uploaded, the Customer can choose whether they want to immediately request genetic analysis or do it later (where the data still be stored in DeBio). If the Customer wants to proceed to request genetic analysis immediately, the 1st step will be to select the data that they wish to be analyzed.

Next, all available services from verified Genetic Analysts (GA) within the DeBio ecosystem will be shown. User can select their preferred service from their chosen GA.

Step 3 - Once the user selected their preferred service and GA, they will be redirected to the checkout order page where they can make a payment.

Step 4 - Upon successful payment, the system will show the summary of the order.

Once Genetic Analysts proceed with the request, the Customer can monitor the progress under “My Genetic Data - Genetic Analysis List”.

If the GA rejected the requested order, the Customer will get a refund immediately. Customers can also check the reason for rejection by clicking on the view (eye icon) button.

Once the result is ready, the Customer can view and download the results.

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