Open PolkadotJS and input RPC endpoint listed below in section Development - Custom

RPC endpoint URL varies by network:

  • mainnet wss://ws-rpc.debio.network

  • testnet wss://ws-rpc.testnet.debio.network

  • betanet wss://ws-rpc.dev.debio.network (may be unstable)

  • localnet ws://

API endpoint URL varies by network:

  • mainnet https://api.debio.network/api/#/

  • testnet https://api.testnet.debio.network/api/#/

  • betanet https://api.dev.debio.network/api/#/ (can be access via swagger API, may be unstable)

  • localnet http://localhost:3000/api/#/ (can be access via swagger API)

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