Request Service

Request service feature allows users to request genetic and/or biomedical testing services from nearby labs. In this case, the Customer wants to do a test but cannot find any labs in their area that provide the specific test. Customers will perform ‘Request Service’ by staking their DBIO token until there’s a lab that responds to the request.

Same as step 1 request test, the Customer needs to fill in the location and service category first. However, this time the selected service category won’t be available in the selected location.

Customers can request a service to the nearby location, by clicking the “Request Service” button. They are required to stake some amounts (in $DBIO) as proof that they indeed want the service to be available in their area.

There is no locking period. Customer’s fund can be unstaked anytime with their consent but there will be 6 days to process it.

Once the Lab provides the requested service, the Customer will get notified and they can proceed to the request test process. If the staked amount is bigger than the service price, the customer will get a refund for overpayment.

If the staked amount is smaller than the service price, the customer should pay for the outstanding amount to complete the purchase using DBIO.

However, when the Customer has already requested a test from the requested service, they no longer be able to unstake the fund.

Upon receiving their test result, customers will be rewarded with DBIO as a token of gratitude for using the DeBio service. By unstaking the fund, customers will lose this privilege.

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