Request Genetic Analysis

Upcoming Feature
As we know, our DNA is unique and in fact, we can find out the tendency of health, heredity, disease, etc. by doing a genetic test. Currently, DeBio allows users to stake their DBIO tokens to request services in their region and perform various tests. One of them is Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) which determines the sequence of all nucleotides in an individual's DNA and can determine variations in any part of the genome.
A few years ago, scientists still missed some parts when sequencing DNA. Now, with the benefits of much-improved DNA sequencing methods, as technology advances, and scientific advances become increasingly sophisticated, scientists are finally able to sequence the whole thing from end to end and interpret the DNA results in more detail. It also helps speed up the discovery of genes associated with common diseases, providing more updated information on genetics data.
To keep up with technological advances in sequencing the human genome, DeBio will launch a new feature/service, namely “Request Genetic Analysis”.
A feature that allows Customers to request genetic/DNA analysis to a verified Genetic Analyst on the DeBio dApp based on uploaded genome data. It is hoped that through this new service, users who have been tested in previous years can get a more complete and in-depth interpretation that leads to improved treatments.
Here's the business flow of Request Genetic Analysis processes.
We already have Genetic Analysts in the system onboarded manually.
However for an upcoming feature, to join DeBio, a Genetic Analyst must stake DBIO to become an active analyst. All Genetic Analysts on DeBio dApp will go through a curation process first by DeBio Bioinformatics Advisors, once verified, then they can run their services on DeBio.
In addition, please take note that we do not provide medical or diagnostic advice. Any service on the DeBio platform is provided for research, informational, and educational use only.