Process Order (Request Test)

The lab will get notified when there is a new order coming, they can also check the status of an order under Dashboard and/or Orders page.

Once the DNA sample has arrived at the chosen Lab, they should fill in the specimen number as they already received the sample.

The next step is quality control, all samples will be checked whether it is passed the QC or failed because of contamination during the shipping process.

If the sample passed the QC, Lab can continue to analyze the sample.

After the Lab completed the analysis process, they can upload the result to the system. The result will contain two (2) types; dataset (raw data) and report. For some services, raw data might not be needed.

Before sending the results to the customer, the Lab needs to upload the report first.

Once all results have been uploaded, the Lab can send the results to the Customer.

Upon completion of the process order, the Lab will get full payment (service price & QC price). If the Lab provides service from the requested service, they will receive 10% DBIO from the total price as a reward for every test sold to the Customer who went through the request service process.

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