Request Test

Once users complete their account registration, they may begin the request test process. Below is the request test flow (from the Customer side).

Customers can request a test from the dashboard, later they will be redirected to the request test page that contains four (4) steps; select location and category, select service, checkout and payment, and success.

Step 1 - In this step, the user needs to select the location (inc. country, state/province, and city) and service category first.

Step 2 - All available services from verified labs within the DeBio ecosystem will be shown. User can select their preferred service from their chosen lab.

Step 3 - Once the user selected their preferred service and lab, they will be redirected to the checkout order page where they can make a payment.

Step 4 - Upon successful payment, the system will show instructions on the collection sample process before the Customer sends the DNA sample to the chosen lab.

Once Customer sent their DNA samples, they can monitor the progress under “My Test”.

There will be a progress check with five (5) steps; registered, received, quality control (QC), analyzed, and result ready. Each step will be checked once the Lab is finished.

However, if the customer’s chosen service has to go through the QC process, there might be a possibility that their sample is rejected because of various reasons (e.g. sample contaminated). If the QC is rejected, the Customer will get a refund of the service price, the QC price will be remaining sent to the Lab.

Once the result is ready, the Customer can view and download the results. They can also give feedback and ratings to the chosen service.

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