How to do Wallet Binding on DeBio

To pay for your order on DeBio, you need to do wallet binding first. Here's how.

In this tutorial we will use Mozilla Firefox so some steps might be a little bit different depends on your browser. Make sure you have installed Metamask on your browser. So first, sign in to your DeBio account. Then click on your account and choose 'Wallet Binding'.

Click on 'Metamask' and your browser might show a new pop-up window. Choose the account you want to connect and click 'Next'. Then, click 'Connect' to proceed.

If you have more than one accounts on your Metamask wallet, make sure to choose the account you want to bind. In this tutorial, we're using Account 1 which already have some balance on it.

Click on the account you want to bind. You can check that it has the same address with the active account on your Metamask. Then, click 'Continue' to proceed.

Once you're done, you are able to try to request a test and pay for your order.

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