Request Service

In the meantime the users can’t find any services they wish to choose during a request test, they can request a service to the nearby Lab by staking some amount in $DBIO.
The purpose of stake is as proof that the users are willing to request the service and might continue with the request test after the Lab has provided the service requested.
Once users submitted their request, DAOGenics will help to follow up with the nearby lab to provide the service requested.
For Labs who are willing to provide the requested service, they can access DAOGenics Map here. The colored country means that there is a request made in that country. The darker the color, the more request made in that country. The verified Lab can immediately provide the service requested, meanwhile the unverified/unregistered Lab should be verified first.
After the requested service is available, the users can continue to request a test and the stake amount can be used to pay the request test. Before the users make a payment, the system will show an order summary. The users can see whether they need to pay some remaining amount or get a refund depending on the staking amount during request service.
For example, the amount the user's stake is 400 $DBIO, and the total fee for service requested is 950 $DBIO. It means the user needs to pay the remaining 550 $DBIO.
On the other hand, if the staking amount is bigger than the total fee the user needs to pay, the system will refund the overpayment.