Request Service

If users are unable to find the service they need when requesting a test, they can propose a service to a local lab by staking a certain amount of $DBIO. This stake acts as a commitment from the user, indicating their intention to proceed with the test once the lab agrees to provide the requested service.

Upon submitting their request, DeBio Network will coordinate with the local lab to fulfill the service. Labs interested in offering the requested service can refer to the Request for Service Map, where requests are indicated by colored countries; the intensity of the color reflects the volume of requests. Verified labs can immediately respond to these requests, while labs that haven't been verified must undergo verification first.

When a lab makes the requested service available, users can then proceed to order the test, using their staked $DBIO towards the payment. The system will present an order summary before payment is processed, allowing users to see if they owe an additional amount or are due for a refund based on their initial stake.

For instance, if a user stakes 400 $DBIO and the total cost of the requested service is 950 $DBIO, the user would then need to pay the remaining 550 $DBIO to proceed with the service.

Conversely, should the staked amount exceed the total cost of the service, the system will automatically issue a refund for the difference.

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