How to Provide $DBIO/$NEAR Liquidity on Ref Finance and Earn $REF

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to providing liquidity in Ref Finance

$DBIO is a native token on the NEAR Protocol. You need to have a NEAR wallet and some $NEAR to provide liquidity in a $DBIO/$NEAR farm. You can create a wallet on the NEAR Protocol here, and you can follow the instructions there.

Bridge Your Funds From ETH to NEAR

If you want to transfer some of your funds from the Ethereum ecosystem to NEAR, you can use the Rainbow Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge is a native ETH ↔ NEAR Bridge built by NEAR Protocol.

The biggest tokens from Ethereum are now available on the NEAR Protocol. Rainbow Bridge doesn’t physically transfer tokens between networks because that is impossible. Instead, it utilizes a smart contract to lock tokens on the Ethereum ecosystem and mint them on NEAR (and vice-versa if you want to go from NEAR to Ethereum).

After you have bridged your funds to NEAR from Ethereum, you can use Ref Finance to exchange it with $DBIO tokens provided by the liquidity pools.

The NEAR Protocol already provides resources for you to use the Rainbow Bridge:

  • You can check out an in-depth video walk-through on how to bridge your funds from Ethereum to NEAR here.

  • You can learn more about how Rainbow Bridge works here.

How to Deposit to Your Ref Finance Account

Ref Finance has a separate account for depositing funds. You need to connect your NEAR Wallet with Ref Finance’s account.

In the top right of the Ref Finance dashboard, click on the “Connect to Near” button.

After successfully connecting your account, you can either:

  1. Wrap your $NEAR and get $wNEAR.

  2. Deposit $NEAR directly to your Ref Finance wallet.

To wrap your $NEAR, click the “Wrap Near” button on the top right of your Ref Finance dashboard.

Then a pop up will appear:

  1. Set the amount of $NEAR you want to convert to $wNEAR.

  2. Click Submit.

Go to the Swap page by:

  1. Clicking the “Swap” button on the navbar.

  2. Choose $wNEAR as your first token.

  3. Choose $DBIO as your second token.

  4. Set the amount you want to swap. When deciding how many tokens you want to swap it is advisable to only swap half of the number you want to farm. For example, if you want to use 4 $wNEAR to farm $DBIO, swap 2 $wNEAR to $DBIO and keep the other half.

  5. Click Swap.

To use your swapped tokens on Ref Finance, you have to deposit them first. To go to your deposit page:

  1. Click the Deposit button on the navbar.

  2. Set the token you want to deposit.

  3. Set the number of tokens you wish to deposit.

  4. Click Deposit.

Repeat this step twice to deposit $wNEAR and $DBIO.

How to Provide Liquidity for Farms

Now that you have adequate funds in your Ref Finance account, you will have to add your tokens into a liquidity pool.

Go to Your Liquidity page:

  1. Click on the Pools button in the navbar.

  2. Select Your Liquidity.

If you haven’t set any liquidity pools before, click on the Add Liquidity button.

Then, search for “DBIO” on the search bar, and select your preferred token pair. In this case, it would be the $wNEAR/$DBIO token pair.

After opening the $wNEAR/$DBIO page, click Add Liquidity.

You will then get a new form:

  1. Set the amount of $DBIO or $wNEAR you want to enter.

  2. If you are pleased with the numbers, click Add Liquidity.

Next, go to the Farms page.

Scroll down and find the $wNEAR/$DBIO farm, and click Stake.

Set the amount you want to stake.

If you have followed all the instructions correctly, the farm option in the Farms page will have an “Unstake” and “Stake” button, and your staked liquidity will show up there.

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