How to Install Metamask

To be able to pay for your order on DeBio, first, you need to install Metamask extension on your browser. Here's how.

To download Metamask go to and click Install Metamask. Metamask is available on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

Depending on your browser, you'll be redirected to your browser webstore which is a website where you can download and install various apps on your browser. In this example, we use Mozilla Firefox as our browser. Click 'Add to Firefox' then click 'Add' when a pop up shows up. As mentioned before, some of these steps might be a little bit different depending on your browser.

When you done downloading and installing, Metamask icon will usually appear on the top right of your browser screen. You'll be asked to complete the setup before you're able to use it. Click on 'Get Started' to start the setup.

Assuming you're a new user and haven't created a Metamask wallet before, click 'Create a Wallet' and then click 'I Agree'.

You'll be asked to enter your password. Make sure to create a strong password. Your password will be used to unlock your app, reveal a secret recovery phrase, and so on. Don't forget to tick the agreement and click 'Create' to proceed. Then on the next screen, click 'Next'. You can also view a short video from Metamask to learn more about recovery phrase.

On this page, Metamask will generate your Secret Backup Phrase. This will be used when you want to recover your Metamask account so remember to keep it safe. You can either download your Secret Backup Phrase and store it on your device, or you can also write it down on a piece of paper. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Metamask will ask you to confirm those 12 words. Click on the words sequentially and click 'Confirm'.

Congrats! You've sucessfully created your Metamask wallet. Click 'All Done and' you're good to go.

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