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The Anonymous-First Appchain for Medical and Bioinformatics Data

The DeBio Network is a decentralized anonymous-first platform for medical and bioinformatics data specializing in genetics testing.

Genetics testing has experienced explosive growth in recent years due to its applications in identifying diseases and health risks — as well as a rising interest in ancestral tracing. But with this increase in growth has also come an increase in ethical concerns regarding an individual’s right to autonomy, privacy, and confidentiality.

Genetic testing is a promising technology that may assess an individual's inherent risk for disease and disability. Genetically determined risk predictions can be used to design treatments based on genetic and non-genetic factors — and even cure or eliminate some diseases via gene-editing technologies.

But the predictive nature inherent in genetic testing also makes it liable for misuse. Individuals have been denied health care, insurance, and employment, based on knowable genetic dispositions. This misuse is generally referred to as “genetic discrimination.”

What are we trying to solve?

  1. Addressing Genetic Discrimination

  2. Government Agencies Access to Genetic Data

  3. Solution for the Genetic Testing Market and its Users

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