Register Account

For Labs, Medical Doctors, and Clinics/Hospitals registration is required.

Once the Lab successfully logged in to the system for the first time, they will be redirected to the dashboard page where there will be a “Register Now!” button.

Under the registration process, there will be two (2) steps; fill in lab information and certification, and add offered services.

Step 1 - Lab shall fill in their information and upload at least 1 certification for DAOGenics to verify.

Step 2 - Add the offered services.

Step 3 - Stake DBIO

After submission, you'll be redirected to the dashboard. Your account verification status will be reviewed by DeBio Bioinformatics Advisors (DAOGenics).

Once DAOGenics verified Lab’s account, Lab will receive a notification and get 2 $DBIO as a reward. The lab may begin its business process and all its available services will be shown on the Customer’s side.

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