How to Get Free Testnet Token on Rinkeby

After you created a Metamask wallet, you will need some "money" to pay for your order in DeBio. Here's how.

Since this is a demo app that runs on Rinkeby test network, you can get free test token to transact. Please mind that you cannot use the token to purchase stuffs in real life since they only work in testing environment and not worth anything.

In this tutorial, we will try to get free ETH and DAI which is the currency we use to transact in DeBio but before we jump into that let's talk a bit about Rinkeby test netwok.

So Rinkeby is an example of Ethereum test network. Test network or testnet helps companies to run test on dApp (decentralized app) without losing any real money. The opposite of testnet is mainnet where you store your real money.

To start, open your Metamask wallet. You can do this by clicking the Metamask icon which is a tiny fox located on the top right screen on your browser. You can also choose to 'Expand View' if you wish to display the app fullscreen like what you'll see in this tutorial. Metamask may ask you to enter your password depending on your setting.

Now, click on the dropdown. You'll see several networks such as Mainnet, Rinkeby, Ropsten, etc. Click on 'Rinkeby Test Network'.

How to Get ETH Test Token

First, copy your address/public key. Your token will be sent to this address so make sure it's correct.

Then you can create a Facebook or Twitter post containing that address. In this tutorial, we will use Twitter as an example. When you done posting your tweet (make sure it's a public post), click on the post then select the URL by clicking it. Then right click on the URL and select 'Copy' or you can do that by pressing CTRL + C on your keyboard.

Now, go to and paste the URL on the provided field by pressing CTRL + V on your keyboard or right click and choose paste. Then, Click 'Give me Ether' and choose how much ETH you want.

You'll see a success message. Now if you go to your Metamask wallet, you'll see that your ETH balance increased. Make sure you still on Rinkeby testnet.

How to Get DAI Test Token

If you take a look at your Metamask wallet, by default, the only currency you'll see is ETH. So what if you want to add more currency, in this case DAI? To do that, first you should click 'Add Token'. Then copy and paste this address below on 'Token Contract Address' field.


"Token Symbol" and "Token Decimal" field should be filled out automatically so you don't need to change anything. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Metamask will display how much DAI you currently have. Click 'Add Tokens' to proceed.

Once you're done, go to this site If you haven't connect Compound App with your Metamask wallet yet, they will ask you to do that first.

Then, a pop up window might show up. To confirm, choose the account you want to connect and click 'Next'. In this tutorial, we only have one account so it will be chosen by default. Then, click 'Connect' to confirm.

Alternatively, you can choose to manually connect your Metamask wallet. Click on three dots icon on your Metamask and choose 'Connected sites'. Then, click 'Manually connect to current site'

Once you connect your wallet to Compound app, you'll be able to see your token balance here. As you can see, we have 7.5 ETH and 0 DAI. To get DAI, first, click on DAI from the asset list on "Supply Markets" section.

Then, go to 'Withdraw' tab by clicking it and click 'Faucet' located at the bottom.

Your browser will open a new pop-up window and click 'Confirm'.

When you're done, you'll get 100 DAI by default.

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