The Token Model

The DeBio Network team is developing a foundational token, $DBIO, designed for a variety of critical functions within the ecosystem, including:

  • Operating Validator Nodes

  • Earning Token Farming Rewards

  • Initiating Service Requests

  • Facilitating Lab & Analyst Onboarding

  • Accessing the Menstrual Calendar Feature

For other DeBio services, transactions will be conducted using the $USDT.e stablecoin. Services requiring $USDT.e payment include:

  • Genetic Testing

  • Genetic Analysis

  • AI-Powered Wellness Insights

  • Access to Consultable Persona

The revenue generated from these services in $USDT.e will be strategically reinvested into the ecosystem through the buyback of $DBIO tokens from the open market. Furthermore, $DBIO tokens received as payment for services will be systematically removed from circulation through a burning process, enhancing the token's value and sustainability within the DeBio ecosystem.

On the DeBio platform, transactions are facilitated using $DBIO and $USDT.e. The graphic below illustrates how revenue generated from these transactions is strategically allocated towards buybacks, token burning (removing $DBIO from circulation), or making requests for services. This approach is aimed at decreasing the total supply of $DBIO and supporting its market value.

Furthermore, users have the opportunity to contribute liquidity on Ref Finance, where $DBIO can be traded for $USDT.e or $NEAR. In appreciation of their contribution, liquidity providers are rewarded with regular farming incentives by the team.

For those interested in further engagement with the ecosystem, hosting a validator node on the Octopus Network is an available option. This requires holding some $OCT tokens to participate.

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