The Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Before we can discuss the tokenomics of The DeBio Network, we must first discuss the proposed DeBio Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DeBio DAO).
The DeBio DAO will be an organization run by its users. The DeBio DAO is the platform of the technology. Blocksphere 🔗 is the provider of this technology while DAOgenics is the attester for the labs joining the organization.
The purpose of having a DAO is to enable a system that both allows the users to vote and executes the results of the vote. While it is possible to create a decentralized system where the results of the vote are executed manually, this can ultimately become a point of weakness. Thus, the system needs to execute the results of the vote to create a truly decentralized system.
While the governance committee will be able to vote on the decentralized organization, the committee will not be too technical. We don’t expect the committee to be blockchain experts. So, most of the time the technology provider (Blocksphere) will provide the lead. Although, the governance committee can veto the technology provider's decision if they don't see fit.