Forgot your password? - Customer

You are able to reset your password by following the instruction below:
1. Click the “Forgot your password?” link on the Sign In page.
2. Fill in with the 12 secret backup phrases that you’ve securely saved somewhere else.
3. Enter a new password and click Continue; the password needs to have at least 8 characters that include at least UPPER/lowercase characters, number, and special character in ([email protected]#$%^&*).

Why my verification is being rejected?

The following are the reasons why your account verification is being rejected:
  • Certification must be issued by the trusted organization (e.g University, Government, etc.)
  • Validity of the business license
  • Issues of a specific concern
  • Incomplete or not descriptive enough

Why my account is being revoked?

The following are the reasons why your account verification is being rejected:
  • The lab provides false information in service details
  • Any form of abuse of rewards in DeBio can be one of the factors why your account is revoked
  • You commit fraud in any form at DeBio. For example, you cheat to get rewards or apply other cheat methods
  • Spamming and abusing DeBio accounts

What if my Lab has multiple branches? Do I need to register all branches or just register the Headquarter?

Yes, all branches need to register their account separately since each branch might have different services offered. They are also required to have a verified account.

My Order

Why my sample does not pass QC?

Your sample might be rejected because of several reasons that do not meet the quality standard. It can be contaminated during the shipping process, or not sufficient enough to be analyzed, or other reasons that do not match Lab’s standards.
You will receive a notification upon rejection of your sample.
In the event of a sample rejection, you will get a refund for the service price after Lab has rejected the sample. You can access Payment History to check your refund status.


What if I have insufficient balance?

If during checkout and payment your wallet balance is not enough, the status of your order will be remaining “Unpaid”.
Once you’ve topped up your balance, you can continue making a payment by accessing Payment History and searching status “Unpaid”, there will be a “Pay” button.

How do I get my refund?

We will immediately process your refund after Lab rejected your sample. However, we only refund the service price, the QC price will still be sent to the Lab.
You will receive a notification upon successful refund.